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10 Modules Designed to Help You Achieve Vitality

Module 1 - Fitness As You Know It...

We begin the course by defining what fitness has meant to most people. We talk about services, products, and the different diets that have been in circulation. None of these however, will lead you to happiness and success. They merely exist as products to be sold, not products that produce fitness results. Don’t judge your past self.

Module 2 - Vitality and the Prospect of Life

How have you traditionally gone about fitness goal setting? We make the argument for vitality. Vitality is the essence of life. If we achieve vitality, we will be free from all the fitness shackles that prevent us from doing things that we truly want to do. Fitness is the best form of preventative medicine, and it is time you start actually living life.

Module 3 - A Modern Fitness Mindset

How can we measure our progress towards fitness and achieving vitality? The old school thought tells you to weigh yourself and judge based upon if that number goes up or down. We are here to present the new school. Weighing yourself is but one metric that we should use. Taking progress photos will give us the much needed visual key. Understanding that fitness data will provide a series of peaks and valleys, and we should be prepared to cope with setbacks and barriers. Ultimately, measuring our body shape becomes the gold standard of progress.

Module 4 - Basic Anatomy of Body Fat

Being overweight or obese is extremely unhealthy….and deadly. Obesity is the #2 cause of preventable death in America behind only smoking. Becoming overweight or obese is a process of taking in too much energy for the body, therefore the body stores this excess energy as bodyfat. We can use this same process to burn fat ie. create a caloric deficit. For most people, certain food groups DO NOT play a role in bodyfat accumulation. Understanding how the body works in this vain, will aid our efforts in seeking to manipulate the processes in order to change our body shape.

Module 5 - Introduction to Nutrition

This is the basics. We don’t need an advanced nutrition video in order to deal out relevant facts. Here is the skinny: we need to manipulate our caloric intake in order to create the effect change in which we seek. For fat loss, we must create a deficit, which will force the body to pull energy from the reserve storage of body fat in order to keep up with daily needs. Fat, Carbohydrates, and Protein is only a secondary priority. In order to find our daily caloric needs, we begin with an estimation. Bodyweight multiplied by 11. It is important we analyze our progress so that we can alter this daily caloric needs estimate if need be. We can track daily caloric intake by downloading a free app such as MyFitnessPal.

Module 6 - Modern Food Choices

So how did the United States population see a soaring increase in obesity just in the last 10-20 years? Portions of food have grown dramatically in size, people are moving and exercising less, and we have grown accustomed to advances in technology which has seen us become comfortable and lose the attention to detail. The good news is that with technological advancements come more options as potential solutions. It is relatively easy to eat healthy and it is not an expensive burden. There are endless ways to construct how you reach your daily calorie goal, so experiment and find what works best for you. If you are intrigued, search for a local meal prep delivery company that will deliver healthy nutritious meals right to your door all the while saving you time and money.

Module 7 - Start with Simple Habits

We have been hoodwinked to believe that fitness success must be advanced and complex. Instead all we need is to create an attainable, doable, and consistent plan. Now that is not to say fitness is easy. No, it is rather difficult! But do not confuse difficult with complex. Ultimately, your habit change plan should revolve around exercise, nutrition, and miscellaneous habits that reinforce your character change.

Module 8 - Efficient and Effective Exercise

An effective exercise plan has nothing to do with being cool or hip. We can leave all the trendy exercise stuff to the masses. Instead we should focus on showing up and taking pride in attendance. We should start with 20 minute long workouts and advance as long as we are able. We can find free workouts all over the internet or on the Ramsden Elite Fitness app. Exercise will change and involves manipulating reps, sets, weights, etc approximately every 4-8 weeks. Logging workouts can also be effective. When we begin an exercise plan, the goal should be to show up and not make any excuses to skip. Take pride in completing workouts.

Module 9 - Small Decisions to Induce Big Change

Overhauling your fitness habits requires a delicate touch. If you make rampant change, you will be doomed to failure. Most of you have probably already tried this method! Instead make small changes that will culminate with big results. Consider getting a calendar for your first month and mark important dates and tasks that need completed. Get comfortable recording your nutritional habits and analyzing where problem areas are so that you can fix them in the future. A simple plan to yield results. Sounds good doesn’t it?

Module 10 - Create Consistency and Accountability

Everything you need to be successful has been discussed. Now is no longer the time for contemplation. Now is time for action and to go out and achieve vitality for yourself. Consider a goal notebook or writing down your thoughts in order to reflect upon this journey. Celebrate the wins but do not over celebrate. Do not get discouraged when barriers arise, because THEY WILL. Learn to get comfortable performing your new habits, these cannot seem like a chore. This process should be invigorating if you truly believe in the goal of achieving vitality. Lastly, continue your education. This course probably should not be the last one you ever consume. You will encounter issues that this course did not address. Do not settle for failure, instead double down on your life and find the necessary solutions. Your life = accountability to yourself.


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